New artist collaborations

New Artist Collaborations

For our next shows

we’re looking for artist collaborations in the following genres:


  • all things digital

  • animation

  • AR

  • architecture

  • dance

  • drawings

  • industrial Design

  • literature

  • paintings

  • photographs

  • sculptures
  • short films
  • spirituality
  • VR


About you

  • You’re an artist, driven by a passion for art  
  • You create your art with fun and love and heartbeat  
  • You have 100+ artworks from one or more series, ready to show 
  • You’re up for a collaboration with a heart-filled project


About us

When we looked at the NFT market in 2021, we were surprised nobody acted upon that huge opportunity NFTs mean to the art world: art shows without the costs for logistics and travelling. So we decided to go first:


High Art by Humans

12 artists per show, 4 shows a year

12 years, 48 shows, 500+ artists 


We’ll show the widest range of genres, whilst creating a balance of genders, cultures and ethnicities. 


If we all – art lovers, artists, collectors, curators and galleries – focus on quality, on fun and love and heartbeat, on inspiration and connection, on friendships and partnerships, High Art by Humans will outperform AI.

Stefan Weynfeldt 




Best reach out to Emilia Durianova, our Head of Artist Collaborations: 


Check out our FAQs

We’re a Berlin based fine art gallery, 


owned and operated by 


Mimir Advisory GmbH

Lohmühlenstraße 65

12435 Berlin 

registered at AG Berlin-Charlottenburg, HRB 217010 B


represented by its director Stefan Weynfeldt. 


Date of registration: April 2020

First inauguration:    December 2021

Thank you for that question! 


Well, we’re certainly different to most galleries. Our business model combines 


  • classic gallery services 
  • such as curating shows and 
  • selling physical as well as digital artworks 
  • with elements of a publishing company, 
  • creating a virtual fine art catalogue and 
  • a trade fair. 


Our concept generates visibility. Maybe not yet on the day of the show, but more and more throughout the years, as the project increases.

In 2021, the NFT market was dominated by batches of unique copies, created by artificial intelligence, commonly 5.000 to 10.000 items per collection. For a single artist with 20 to 30 artworks, it was excruciatingly difficult to gain visibility. 


By bringing together twelve artists, each with at least hundred artworks, our shows create the visibility required to attract collector’s attention. 


You should have 100+ artworks ready to show when applying. 

The works can span different series.

High Art by Humans is created by professional artists without the use of AI. 

Most of our artists are renowned for their work, shown in museums and art fairs around the world. They are part of outstanding collections and devote a majority of their life and time to art. Combining 50% well established, respected international artists with 50% rising talents creates an uplifting stream of inspiration, connection and friendship. 

You will receive 0,650 ETH for each NFT sold. 

You will receive 8% royalties. 

Our estimation is as follows:

NFT drop1,850 ETH per NFT
affiliate payout0,185
costs of affiliate system0,139
social media marketing0,139
donation to charity selected by artist0,074
donation to charity selected by collector0,074
donation to creators cohort0,074
costs of accounting0,032
legal costs0,032
technics and maintenance0,032
sustainability budget0,032
collectors club0,032
gallery fee0,014

All copyrights remain with the artists.

We’re driven by a passion for art. Our mission is making High Art by Humans seen, loved and collected in the NFT market. 


We’re a duly registered German company and have a 12-year vision. 


We’re financed by our founder. That allows us to re-invest funds, increasing the number of artists and genres shown. 


We don’t demand exclusivity. Sharing is caring. Our artists are free to sign with other galleries. We actively foster collaborations with other galleries and developers.

Get in touch with us. We’ll discuss our future collaboration.
The project is set for 48 shows over the next 12 years. 

Get in touch with us!
There is always a way to convert digital works into physical works.

Get in touch with us!
There is always a way to convert physical works into digital works.

Best reach out to Emilia Durianova, our Head of Artist Collaborations: