Collectors Club

Friends of Dodo – the Collectors Club for art lovers

As you can see, we’re under construction. We’ll launch the beta version of our club on 1 February 2022 and will add more features over the course of the year. 


Our mission is to connect and support art lovers, collectors and artists. You do not have to own an NFT to become a club member, but you have to be introduced, either by one of our artists or by one of the trusted partners of the gallery. 


Membership in the Early Bird Collectors Club comes with a number of privileges.


  • 12 hours Early Bird Access on all Inaugurations

  • Access to our Virtual Clubrooms 

  • voting rights on our DAO

  • suggesting new artist collaborations

  • suggesting new clubrooms

  • suggesting new charity collaborations

Making the world a better place


In 2008, a study led by Harvard Business School professor Michael Norton found that giving money to someone else increased participants’ happiness more than spending it on themselves. Giving creates happiness! 


We want you to be happy and to enjoy your art acquisitions to the fullest extent. We also want to make the world a better place. That is why we created our very own membership bonus program: Friends of Dodo – the Collectors Club for art lovers


  • 4% discount to you

  • 4% donated to a charity of your choice

  • 4% donated to our Creators Cohort, supporting artist collaborations